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Coaches Corner

Coaches Needed!

Conway Parks, Recreation & Tourism is seeking volunteers interested in coaching Youth sports this fall.

In order to be a coach, you must attend a Mandatory Coaches Meeting prior to coaching any youth sport.  Anyone who wants to be a coach or assist must go through this process.  Potential coaches need to attend only one of the following meetings:

  • Tackle Football  & Soccer Coaches Meeting is Tuesday, August 22nd at 6:00 pm at the Conway Senior Center
  • Flag Football and Cheerleading Coaches Meeting is Thursday, September 7th at 6:00 pm at the Conway Senior Center
  • Volleyball Coaches Meeting is Tuesday, September 5th at 5:30 pm at the Conway Recreation Center


At these meetings, we will discuss the Rules & Regulations of the sport, the skills assessment and draft process, Review the timeline of the spring sports season, fill out coaches applications, background check forms and have pictures taken for the Coaches badge.  You will have opportunities to ask questions as well.


All Head Coaches must attend and participate in the NYSCA (National Youth Sports Coaches Association)  Certification clinic for the league they will be coaching.  This program provides in depth information on philosophy of coaching, dealing with children and parents as well as sport specific information on organizing practices and games.  There is no fee to attend the clinics that are being offered.  These clinics will be offered on the following dates:




For questions, please contact David Williams. 

 Conway Parks, Recreation & Tourism at (843) 488-1950.

Coaching Youth Baseball: Running Active Practice:

Coaching Youth Baseball:  Hitting Basics -

Coaching Youth Baseball:  Hitting Drills

Coaching Youth Baseball:  Pitching Drills (1 of 2) -

Coaching Youth Baseball:  Pitching Drills (2 of 2) -

Coaching Youth Baseball:  Infield Play (1 of 3) -

Coaching Youth Baseball:  Infield Play (2 of 3) -

Coaching Youth Baseball:  Infield Play (3 of 3) -


Coaching beginning cheerleaders -

“Yell it out“ cheer -

Basic cheer arm movements -

NYSCA coaching cheerleading -

Basic cheers -

For ages 5-8 -

For ages 9-12 -


Flag Drills -

Sample flag plays:

Pass Patterns -

Flag Pulling (defensive) -

WR drills -

Defense coverage -


Coaching Youth Softball:  Hitting basics -

Coaching Youth Softball:  Live Hitting -

Coaching Youth Softball:  Basics of Bunting –

Coaching Youth Softball:  Basics of Pitching -

Coaching Youth Softball:  Fastballs, Changeups and Grips -

Coaching Youth Softball:  Infield Play Drills -



Offensive line drills -

Agility drills -

Pass Patterns -

Defensive line drills -

Practice Organization -

Special Teams -

Quarterback drills -

Tackling Drills -


T-Ball Skills Outfield Rotation -

Skills for Success -

Scoop, Load and Fire Drill -

Squash the Bug Drill -

Batting Grip and Hand Position -


Tips for Youth Soccer Coaching Drills -

Firstouch Soccer Training -

Passing Exercise -


The Basics of Volleyball – Passing -

The Basics of Volleyball – Serving -

The Basics of Volleyball – Setting -

Teaching the Basics of Hitting -